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Captain Jørgen Berg

Proposed role in the project:       


Staff of:


1.     Family name:                      BERG  

2.     First names:                        Jorgen Nielsen

3.     Date of birth:                      11 May 1943 in Denmark           

4.     Nationality:                          Danish (Danish EU Passport)

5.     Place of residence:             Australia (Permanent resident) - Home office in Denmark and in Australia

6.     Education:                         

Institution [ Date from - Date to ]

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

Copenhagen Navigation College, Denmark

10/1964 - 10/1966

Certificate of Competency as Master 1st Class. Foreign Going.

Royal Navy Officers School, 1967, Denmark. 

11/1967 – 06/1968

Navy Lieutenant 1st Grade, Royal Danish Navy, on anti-submarine warfare & surveillance ships

7.     Language skills:  Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = excellent; 5 = basic)









Danish, Mother tongue












8.     Membership of professional bodies: The Company of Master Mariners – Australia; Chartered Institute of Transport – Australia; Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions Club;  Association of Danish Navigators – Denmark; Australian Institute of Management; Ringwood Chamber of Commerce & Industry

9.     Other skills: full computer literacy, has owned and working with computers since 1982 and with basically all the common programmes since then.

10.   Present position: Independent consultant, - owner/principal of BSC since 1993        

11.   Key qualifications:

·         Overall professional experience 18 years as consultant + 32 years as employed in a wide range of shipping and port development & infrastructure responsibilities


Here is inserted whatever the ToR for the project stipulates as the optimal requirements for the Key Expert


12.  Specific experience in the region


Date from - Date to

Here is mentioned the countries in the region for the project assignment

The time frame for the countries mentioned

Only below countries with my relevant activities according to ToR will be included in Point 12 

Countries where I have been more that 5 days on-site in the country = 1961-2011 - No transits. 

Algiers, Argentina, Australia, Australian Antarctic Territories, Belgium, Brazil, British Antarctic Territories, Cameroon, Canada, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Falkland Islands, Finland, France, French Antarctic Territories, Gabon, Ghana, Greece, Greenland, Germany, Guinea, Guyana, Holland, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Liberia, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Martinique, Mozambique, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, St. Lucia, Sweden, Togo, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam.


13.  Professional experience:                                (other items can be highlighted below or none depending on the situation)

Date from  Date to







Rome – Italy

Valetta – Malta

Lisbon – Portugal

London – UK

Athens - Greece



Mediterranean Sea Maritime Development Cooperation – (EIB + EC + IMO)

Maritime Expert – Maritime Safety & Marine Pollution

Maritime Expert – Maritime Safety & Marine Pollution, in the feasibility study for the Mediterranean Sea Maritime Development Cooperation, Request No: TA 2010049 RO FTF – FWC EIB 2009 - Lot 2 Transport & Infrastructure. Client: Mediterranean Sea Maritime Development Cooperation (European Investment Bank,  European Comission and the International Maritime Organisation) Financed by the EIB. Teamed up with the implementing consultants: Parsons Brinckerhoff Consortium, UK,  with NTU in Denmark. The beneficiary countries are the FEMIP Countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Fact finding missions undertaken in Italy (MAREΣ - AIS system in Rome), Malta (REMPEC in Valetta - Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea), Portugal (EMSA in Lisbon – European Maritime Safety Agency), United Kingdom (IMO in London – International Maritime Organization). Attended the MSAPC 2011 (Maritime Safety & Anti-Piracy conference in Athens, Greece.



Ankara, Turkey


Undersecretariat For Maritime Affairs, UMA, Government of Turkey. - Atos Origin Belgium SA.

Dangerous Goods Handling Expert

Dangerous Goods Handling Expert, in establishing a Dangerous Goods Database for UMA in Ankara, Turkey, EuropeAid/127054/C/SER/multi. Client: Undersecretariat For Maritime Affairs, UMA, Government of Turkey. Teamed up with the consultant: With no existing IMDG or IMSBC database, I was making the maritime, ship and port details for UMA relating to the IMO IMDG convention (SOLAS) requirement for dangerous goods transport. The finished database will service and be used by UMA and all Turkish ports for keeping track on import and export dangerous goods. .




Kuwait City +

Boubyan Island, Kuwait  

Ministry of Public Works, Government of Kuwait - Egis International


Seaport Specialist

Seaport Specialist for the Boubyan Island Development Project, Moubarak Al Kabeer Port (MKP)

I was allocated the role as virtual Port Authority, virtual Terminal Operator, and virtual Harbour Master, in the program management process while these institutions had not been finalised in this very long term port project. Dealing with the port infrastructure including buildings, roads, rail, and the cargo handling equipment for Container, Ro-Ro, Breakbulk and Dry Bulk operations. Intensive work with the MKP Masterplan.






Maldives - Indian Ocean

ADB / SMEC Australia -

Maldives Ministry of Transport

Maritime Operation Specialist

Maritime Operations Specialist with SMEC for the ADB funded Domestic Maritime Transport project in the Maldives. Capacity Building in Ministry of Transport sections. Cargo handling including IMO dangerous cargo. Conduct willingness to pay services and provide recommendations for proposed harbour usage charges - Develop a training program for Harbour Management Staff - Implementation of the training program through formal and on the job training - Development of a harbour management and cargo operations manual for Male North Harbour

06 / 2010-

06 / 2010


Lae, Papua New Guinea + Port Moresby

ADB / Egis - Bceom France -

Team Leader

Attended Lae Tidal Basin inspection of container port construction site and Pre-bidding meeting in Lae with IPBC PMU for Supervision Consultancy for the 30 months port construction time frame.  Preparation on the project details for later start.





Papua New Guinea Port Moresby

+ Lae

AusAID / SMEC + BMT Australia through

MC Infrastructure

Marine Sector Specialist

Medium Term assignment as Marine Sector Specialist in TSSP in the AusAID infrastructure program in Papua New Guinea, through SMEC / BMT Australia as principals. Worked in PNG Ports Corporation and in the National Maritime Safety Authority both in Port Moresby for very close work and strategic idea interchange with them in port administration & operation and maritime safety matters. Work in ADB Lae Port terminal development – Tidal Basin project.




Melbourne Office

European Commission / EPTISA Spain

Technical Assistance

Writing the methodology for the Port Manager assignment for Port of Durres, Albania in the EuropeAid Technical Assistance to Ministry of Public Works in Albania

11/2003 –




Danube River


European Commission / COWI Consortium Denmark/

BCEOM France

Team Leader

EU PHARE Program - Technical assistance to the General Directorate of Maritime, Danube and Inland Waterways Transport, Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing for strengthening its administrative capacity. RO 0107.12.02 - and the structures related to maritime and inland waterways administration, in order to meet acquis communitarian – acceptance into the EU group. Preparation of the ToR.

06/2001 -




Mekong Delta

Can Tho




Maritime Expert  (STE)

Medium term assignment for COWI Consult – in the capacity as the Port Operations & Cargo Handling expert for a World Bank financed Port Rehabilitation project for Port of Can Tho, Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Dealing with ship, port and stevedore operations, maintenance of port and equipment. River navigation.

03/2000 –




Northern Territory

Bing Bong

P&O Services / P&O Ports



Team Leader

Transition long term assignment for P&O Maritime Services – function also as Marine Manager in a remote Northern Territory mining lease port, streamline lead and zinc concentrate bulk cargo loading. Managing the onshore camp, canteen and workshop facilities within the mining lease, Mac Arthur River, in the transition.

01/1999 –




Marine Board of Victoria

Navigation Expert

Appointed by the Minister for Ports as ad hoc Marine Accident Inspector to the Marine Board of Victoria covering the Victorian waters. Investigating collisions and marine incidents.

03/1999 –



Manila Bay

Nectar Projects –

USA Gov Funded

Cargo handling Expert

Team Leader - for Nectar Projects and Shipping in London, UK.  Supervise the lightering of wheat as food aid cargo from US product tankers in the Philippines using mobile evacuators and barges.

01/1998 –







KPMG funded

Terminal Operations Expert

Port Operator - for KPMG Corporate Finance in Melbourne. Team-up with a group including KPMG to build and operate (BOOT) a new 550.000 TEU Westgate Terminal in Port Phillip Bay. 

05/1998 –




Sumitomo Australia

Sumitomo Funded

Marine Surveyor

Marine Inspector & Surveyor - for Sumitomo Fertilizer, Australia. Bulk carrier fertilizer loading, operation and inspections in Tunisia - North Africa. Dealing with AMSA and AQIS requirements.

03/1998 –



India Tamil Nadu State


CES India

Expert - Port Development & Navigation

Port Operator - for CES India and Tuticorin Port Trust in India. Detailed Feasibility Study in a port infra-structure project for a new 24-berth container main-line hub port in Tuticorin Outer Port, Tamil Nadu.

08/1997 –




Sydney White Bay



P&O funded

Port Operator

Port Operator - for Maunsell P/L and P&O Ports – in Australia. White Bay Terminal, B/Bulk, Ro-Ro and Container infrastructure, cargo handling. Operational issues and port working hours. Environmental Issues.

02/1997 –







Pivot funded

Bulk operations expert

Shipping Superintendent assignment – for Pivot Ltd. - in Melbourne, Australia. C/P bulk carrier scheduling, fertilizer import and port operations, quarantine and customs tasks for about 60 ships.

02/1996 –





Torres Strait



QLD Gov. Funded

Ship Manage-ment Expert

Freight Consultant - for Islanders Board of Industry and Service (IBIS), a Queensland statutory body. Port operation & marine infrastructure development on 15 remote outer islands. Cargo handling.  

05/1993 –


Ad Hoc






Free lance surveyor.  Cargo surveys, lashing surveys, pre-loading surveys, ship purchase inspections, ship planning of container stows, loading supervising on Ro-Ro ships, - all in between maritime assignments.

1989 – 1993 =

4 years full time employment

Port of Melbourne, Australia

Port of Melbourne Authority - Melbourne, Australia

Operation Development Manager, Trade Development Manager 

Operational infrastructure and trade development with local and international partnership. Provided expert advice on port operation, dock and cargo handling facilities, port cost, transport, shipping services and cargo handling matters to new or established exporters, importers, stevedores and shipping companies.  Worked with the shipping community and special interest groups including the automotive and timber industry on port charges and cost issues.  Closely involved with external groups working on the rail and road infrastructure to the port.  Participated in the start up of Tradegate (EDI for Cargo and Shipping). A member of the Port Authority's Tradegate committee deciding policy and operation issues.  Marketing of Western Port (Port of Hastings) bulk and b/bulk facilities. The Port Authority's expert on break-bulk and dry bulk cargo operations, port infrastructure and development facilities. Liaise with Australian and overseas clients of the Port of Melbourne.

1988 – 1989 =

1 year full time employment



Ansett Technologies Marine Group - Australia.


Account Manager, Sales Engineer.


Securing representation of overseas principals with electronic marine equipment manufacturing activities. Coordinated in broad policy discussions with DOTC on the future GMDSS (EPIRB) requirements under the SOLAS convention. Represented the company in Standard-C satellite communication discussions with OTC, AUSSAT, TNT Transport and other maritime and land transport companies.  Sales activities covered advanced marine and land based navigation & communication equipment to merchant ships and ship owners. 


6 years full time employment

Copenhagen Denmark but with extensive travel world wide


J. Lauritzen A/S (JL)

Marine Superintendent (Captain).

Marine and Cargo Superintendency, and based in the Copenhagen headquarters of the large Danish ship owning company. IMO, SOLAS, Port and other international regulations & certificates. Personally formulated and implemented a new marine, safety and cargo operation policies and procedures manual used in various types of own and chartered vessels.  Negotiated stevedore contracts.  Solved problems with Charter Party agreements and C/P sub-details.  Inspected ships for safety, compliance of regulations, purchase, damage, cargo damage, maintenance and if suitable for new trades. Worldwide supervision for owned and chartered ships especially in the mineral, agribulk, reefer, heavy lift and offshore semi-submersible trade and related cargo. Extensive travel world wide in a troubleshooting capacity dealing with port authorities, harbour masters, pilots, importers & exporters, ship owners, and the master and senior officers with a different cultural background onboard own and chartered ships, and mostly in ports and hinterland in developing countries.

Member of the Danish Shipowners’ Associations Sub-Committee for Marine Communications in connection with Project Ship and GMDSS. Initiated installation and implemented use of computers and satellite communication in own and chartered vessels.  Trained seagoing captains and senior officers in marine based information technology, computers and software.

1980 – 1982 =

2 years full time employment


Office in Marseilles but area of operation France,  Spain + N. Africa

Société Ivorienne de Navigation Maritime, Ivory Coast


Port Captain, Operations Manager.

Stationed in Marseilles in France by the share holding and managing company J. Lauritzen A/S to start up, train and run a new West African shipping company based in the Ivory Coast.  In charge of terminal, ship and cargo operations for own and chartered ships.  Cargo Superintendency and container terminal operational management. Complex trouble shooting work involving various cargoes, bulkers and containerships trading between Southern Europe and North & West Africa. Cargo: mostly logs, cacao, coffee north - containers, machinery, heavy equipment, consumer goods, busses, and trucks south

1979  = 9 months full time employment


Office in Santo Domingo  but area of operation all Caribbean and Latin America

Beaufort Dominicana de Navigation S.A. (J. L. A/S)


Cargo Superintendent, Owners Representative.


Company representative and expatriate in the Dominican Republic for the J. Lauritzen A/S owned Far East Caribbean Line (FECA) in charge of ships operation, cargo handling and client relationship.  Extensive trade development and trouble shooting in USA Gulf, Latin & South America and the Caribbean Islands for the Far East trade.  Negotiations for stevedore contracts and return bulk and b/bulk cargo to the Far East. Cargo: steel pipes, trucks, containerised goods, machinery eastbound - containers, sugar, and bauxite westbound.

1977-1979 = 14 months full time employment

Office in New Orleans, but area of operation all Caribbean Islands and Latin America

Beaufort Navigation Inc, Louisiana, USA. (J. L. A/S)

Cargo Superintendent - Owners Representative.


Company representative and expatriate in New Orleans, USA for FECA Line in charge of ships operation and cargo handling. Extensive operation development and trouble shooting in USA, Latin & South America and the Caribbean Islands for time and voyage chartered semi-container ships and bulkcarriers trading between Singapore, Taiwan and Japan and America. Inspected ships for charter arrangements and viability. Attending maritime legal cases. Cargo: steel pipes, cars, trucks,  containerised goods, machinery eastbound - containers westbound.

1969-1977 = 8 years full time employment 

Sailing on world wide trade tramp ships of various kinds

J. Lauritzen A/S, Denmark

Chief Officer, 2nd Officer


Ship management, navigation, cargo handling and maintenance onboard dry bulk /break-bulk ships, conventional reefers, polar expedition/supply ships and tankers in worldwide liner & tramp trade.  In charge of navigation, cargo and ship maintenance onboard the vessels including IMO dangerous cargo handling. Double banking and cargo transfer in rivers and bays. In charge of challenging supply and cargo transfer operations for 3 seasons to the Australian and French Antarctic bases. Intricate ice navigation and cargo handling using Light Amphibious Re-supply crafts, helicopters, barges, pontoons, motorboats. Using ships crew in stevedoring operations.

1967-1969 = 2 years national service

All time onboard “Ran” and “Najaden”

Royal Danish Navy, Denmark


17 months as Lieutenant + 7 months as Sergeant first.

In charge of classified NATO communication and anti-submarine warfare onboard navy patrol ships. Naval control of merchant shipping duties. Marine surveillance of foreign warships.  Pursuing, boarding and arresting foreign flag trawlers fishing in Danish territorial waters.  Search and rescue activities in civil marine incidents. Helicopter operations. Fire fighting, rescue and first aid education.

1966-1967 = 4 months  

Onboard “Varla Dan”

J. Lauritzen A/S, Denmark

2nd Officer


Navigation and break bulk cargo handling in North European trade. Ice and convoy navigation with the Finish and Swedish icebreakers.

1960-1966 = 6 years full time em. 

Various kinds of ships and size of ships

J. Lauritzen A/S, Denmark

Deck / Navigation apprentice

In Seamans school in Kogtved, Denmark for 1 year. Sailing in a Topsail Schooner, Sailing as Deck Apprentice in General cargo ships, Polar supply ships, Reefer ships, and Tankers for the required 4 years



14     Other relevant information


Wrote guideline papers – long distance learning program for the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania covering “Types of Ships”, “The Ships and the Trade”, “Port Operations”, “Distribution”, “History of Shipping”

Lecture – Speaker for Government and Shipping people in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on the subject: Cabotage and its effect on freight rates and local shipping. 

Several Industry lectures in Melbourne universities on international shipping and port operation at Monash University and Victorian University of Technology, both in Melbourne 

Co-writing booklet for AUSMEPA for students titled “Shipping, Ports and Cargo”



Captain Jorgen Berg


+61 3 9870 0771 

Berg Shipping Consultancy


+61 3 9879 4664  - (but send SMS first)

13 Manuela Terrace


+61 4 1220 6165

Ringwood North, VIC 3134








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