America & Caribbean Islands


Captain Jørgen Berg

Special fields of Competence:   

  • Port development and infrastructure
  • Intricate river and island cargo transfer
  • Marine transport and cost evaluation

In general:

50 years in port operation, marine transport, navigation and cargo handling: 16 years at sea - thereof 10 years as Senior Officer. 4 years as Cargo Superintendent, 6 years as Marine Superintendent, now 17 years as independent marine consultant with maritime and port assignments world wide, many of them funded by WB, ADB and EU.


Selected experience in Central America & Caribbean Islands:

Assisting Australian group AIC in trying to get an old polar expedition ship “Thala Dan” from breakers back to Melbourne, Australia from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Inspected the ship in Rio de Janeiro. 

Beaufort Dominicana de Navigation, The Dominican Republic: Port Captain / Expatriate, responsible for stevedoring, marine & port operations, and trade development in the Caribbean Islands and Latin America.

Jamaica Port Authority, Jamaica: Project, setting up a transit hub facility for cargo coming from the Far East and being distributed to other smaller Caribbean Islands and Latin America.

Societe Caraibe d' Industrie Chimique, Martinique: Port Captain for JL and responsible for alternative methods of offloading large quantities of fertilisers and cement products from bulkcarriers to shore.

Virgin Islands Transportation Organisation / Puerto Rico: Project, negotiated distribution, use of infrastructure and transport equipment for supplies to smaller Caribbean Islands.

Bauxite Industry Development Company / Guyana, South America: Port Captain, responsible for the marine transport and transfer of import mining trucks plus export of sugar shipments.

Minvielle & Chastanet Ltd. and Barbados Mills Limited, St. Lucia, Port Captain, responsible for the transfer of combination loadings of bulk commodities, machinery and construction equipment.

Beaufort Navigation Inc, Louisiana, USA: Port Captain / Operations Manager / Expatriate - responsible for ship operation, cargo handling and trouble shooting in the US Gulf Coast, South & Central America.

Far East Caribbean Line / Trinidad: Port Captain - responsible for ship to shore transfer of port construction equipment using barges to the new port construction site at Point Lisas.



Captain Jorgen Berg


+61 3 9870 0771 

Berg Shipping Consultancy


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13 Manuela Terrace


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