Captain Jørgen Berg


Captain Jorgen Berg, Berg Shipping Consultancy (BSC), is usually available for short to medium term maritime and port assignments in a team-up situation with a range of principal companies and clients in their bidding for projects. Most of his longer term assignments are based on-site overseas.



Base for assignments

Captain Jorgen Berg is as a long term resident in Melbourne, Australia. But he is a Danish citizen travelling on a Danish-EU passport, and also have a Danish address in Espergære, just north of Copenhagen. Therefore he has the flexibility and possibility of working out of Denmark, then seen as a location base for the project work, also in terms of travelling expenses for the Client and funding organisation.   




Assignments can both be within Australia and in most foreign countries seen as safe enough by the Australian / Danish Government. 

Examples of such completed projects assignments can best be seen in the current full CV for Captain Jorgen Berg, which is updated from time to time. 

Agreements has also been signed with organisations or companies for very short term ad hoc assignments over a period of years.

The last 10 years most maritime and port assignments have been funded by EU, ADB, WB, AusAID and JICA. 



Duration of assignments

Captain Berg prefers assignments where he is on-site in a foreign country maximum 2 to 3 months each time, before a trip home to his family for say minimum 3 weeks. If a system like that is workable with the client, then the same project assignment can be ongoing for years.



Assignment types

The out-of-Melbourne area assignments are usually in:

Port Infrastructure & Development.

Maritime Logistics Management

Marine Operation & Surveys

Capacity building (mostly for Ministries of Transport)

Training of the local workforce in Maritime Administration, Port/Harbour operation and User Pay charge systems. 



Local assignments

Local ad hoc day-to-day assignments, inspections, surveys, loading attendance in the local ports:  Melbourne, Hastings, Geelong, are not included in the following list. They usually take place in between longer term assignments listed below.




For commercial reasons the names of Principal companies and Clients can remain confidential and not made public during the project and assignment phase. However, upon completion some limited details may appear in Captain Berg’s updated CV at a later stage, some may never appear in the CV.



Captain Jorgen Berg


+61 3 9870 0771 

Berg Shipping Consultancy


+61 3 9879 4664  - (but send SMS first)

13 Manuela Terrace


+61 4 1220 6165

Ringwood North, VIC 3134











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