Dry bulk handling projects


Captain Jørgen Berg

Special fields of Competence:    

  • Marine Manager, dry bulk shipping  
  • Marine transport and cost evaluation.
  • Dry Bulk & B/Bulk cargo handling.
  • Intricate river and island cargo transfer.    
  • Marine terminal & cargo operation.

In general:

50 years in port operation, marine transport, navigation and cargo handling: 16 years at sea - thereof 10 years as Senior Officer. 4 years as Cargo Superintendent, 6 years as Marine Superintendent, now 17 years as independent marine consultant with maritime and port assignments world wide, many of them funded by WB, ADB and EU.


Selected experience in dry bulk handling projects:

Marine Manager – for P&O Maritime Services, Melbourne. In charge of on-site shipping, agency office and cargo transfer operations in Bing Bong, Northern Territory and the anchorages using own 3200 dwt shuttle bulkcarrier “Aburri”. Export cargo transfer to handysize and Panamax bulkcarriers in the Gulf of Carpentaria, transporting 420.000 MT p.a. zinc and lead concentrate from the inland McArthur River Mine.   

Team leader for Nectar in UK - lightening American food aid - wheat - from an American product tanker at anchorage in Manila, using 6 mobile evacuators between the 18 tanks and barges alongside the tanker.

Marine Inspector & Surveyor - for Sumitomo Fertilizer in Sydney, Australia. Bulkcarrier fertilizer loading and operation, inspection and surveys in Tunisia - North Africa.

Shipping Superintendent for Pivot Ltd. - in Melbourne, Australia. Medium term assignment. Bulkcarrier scheduling, fertilizer discharge and port operations, quarantine and customs tasks

UN FAO / Tema Food Complex Corporation , Ghana, West Africa: On-site, responsible for the off loading and land transport of food aid (wheat) to inland mills and various distribution centres.

Société Caraibe d’ Industrie Chimique, Martinique: On-site, responsible for alternative methods of off-loading large quantities of fertilisers and cement products from bulkcarriers to the shore. Bauxite Industry Development Company / Guyana, South America: On-site, responsible for the marine transport and transfer of import mining trucks plus export of sugar shipments in bulk.

Sierra Rutile Limited / Sierra Leone, West Africa: On-site, responsible for the Sherbro River based ship grab loading operations of rutile sand from special covered river barges to bulkcarriers.

Sorte Engel Lead Mine, Arctic West Greenland: Project Manager, feasibility study in using non-ice strengthened Panamax bulkcarriers to load and transport lead ore through the polar ice.

SAMC Gypsum Division / Nigeria /West Africa: On-site, responsible for the river navigation of bulkers to Koko and Sappele and offloading of gypsum to local barges and trucks.

Sotonam, Lome, Togo: On-site, negotiated the ship to shore to factory transfer of cement clinker using ships crew on board self-discharging hydraulic grab fitted handysize bulkcarriers.

Minvielle & Chastanet Ltd. and Barbados Mills Limited, St. Lucia: On-site and responsible for the transfer of combination loadings of bulk commodities, machinery and construction equipment.

Société des Ciments du Gabon / Gabon, West Africa: On-site, responsible for the ship to shore transfer of raw material to river based landing crafts, then from the shore to cement factories.

Amin Kawar / Aqaba / Jordan: On-site and supervised the night discharge and delivery of wheat from ship to army trucks for further transportation to the Iraqi army during the Iran / Iraq hostilities.



Captain Jorgen Berg


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