Capability Statement



Berg Shipping Consultancy, (BSC), Owner Capt. Jorgen Berg,

Australian Business Number (ABN) 75 074 321 668


General presentation of services.

The business offers professional port operator, marine expert services and technical assistance. Assignments and contract work are accepted on an ad hoc, project, short and medium term basis in Australia and overseas, teamed up with a principal, or in a sole capacity.

Berg Shipping Consultancy is a Sole Trader Business, with Captain Jørgen Berg as owner and principal. The Consultancy is registered with Corporate Affairs in Victoria, Australia and is located in Melbourne.


Main sectors of activity.

Logistics:     Maritime logistics management, cargo movements.

Ports:          Infrastructure & development, operation & administration.

Marine:        Management, operation, survey, navigation, communication.

Ships:                   Inspection, safety, operation, trouble shooting.

Cargo:         Survey, cargo surveys, superintendency, cargo handling.

Trade:         Development & facilitation in international sea transport.



General experience

50 years in port operation, marine transport, navigation and cargo handling: 16 years at sea - thereof 10 years as Senior Officer. 4 years as Cargo Superintendent, 6 years as Marine Superintendent, now 17 years as independent marine consultant with maritime and port assignments world wide, many of them funded by WB, ADB and EU.


Past port - cargo - marine related experience covering 50 years as:     

Berg Shipping Consultancy, Melbourne - Current   

Port of Melbourne Authority - Operation Development Manager

Port of Melbourne Authority - Trade Development Manager 

J. Lauritzen A/S - Denmark - Marine Superintendent & Captain

J. Lauritzen A/S - Denmark - Cargo Superintendent  

Société Ivorienne de Navigation Maritime, Ivory Coast - Port Captain.

Beaufort Dominicana de Navigation, Dominican Republic, - Port Captain.

Beaufort Navigation Inc, USA. - Cargo Superintendent & Owners Rep.

J. Lauritzen A/S, Denmark (Shipowner) - Chief Officer, 2nd Officer.

J. Lauritzen A/S, Denmark (Shipowner) - Deck and Navigation apprentice.


The services provided are based on top education, training and many years of senior management experience in the maritime, shipping and trading environment world wide.  An in-depth understanding of multicultural issues affecting projects has been gained from assignments and work in more than 60 countries world wide. Transfer of skills, training and education forms an integral part of Berg Shipping Consultancy's policy.



Clients include statutory authorities, consulting engineers, trading organisations, exporter and importer companies, maritime solicitors, shipping lines, stevedores, freight forwarders, universities and other public and private enterprises.


Professional societies.

Capt. Berg is a member of many management, marine, transport and trade institutions and clubs in Australia and Denmark.



Captain Jorgen Berg


+61 3 9870 0771 

Berg Shipping Consultancy


+61 3 9879 4664  - (but send SMS first)

13 Manuela Terrace


+61 4 1220 6165

Ringwood North, VIC 3134









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