Marine Management, Operation & Navigation


Captain Jørgen Berg

Special fields of Competence:  

  • Team Leader for EGIS BCEOM CSC Pre-bidding PNG terminal project

·         Maritime Operation Specialist for SMEC in the Maldives port project

·         Marine Sector Specialist for Aus AID in the PNG TSSP project

  • Team Leader in the P&O Services Bing Bong mining operation project
  • Team Leader for BCEOM/COWI EU Phare Romania waterways project
  • Navigation & operation expert for COWI WB Vietnam port project 
  • Marine Manager in remote bulk cargo port
  • Marine transport and cost evaluation projects.
  • Marine terminal & cargo operation projects.
  • Port development and infrastructure projects.
  • Ships operations & navigation - in port and at sea.
  • Training in maritime and harbour issues       

In general:

50 years in port operation, marine transport, navigation and cargo handling: 16 years at sea - thereof 10 years as Senior Officer. 4 years as Cargo Superintendent, 6 years as Marine Superintendent, now 17 years as independent marine consultant with maritime and port assignments world wide, many of them funded by WB, ADB and EU.


Selected experience in Marine Management, Operation & Navigation:

As Team Leader attended Lae Tidal Basin inspection of container port construction site and Pre-bidding meeting in Lae, Papua New Guinea with IPBC PMU for Construction Supervision Consultancy for the 30 months port construction time frame.  Preparation on the ADB funded project details for later start.


Maritime Operations Specialist in the Maldives Domestic Maritime Transport Project with my office in the Ministry of Transport in Male’ on-site for 3 months and scheduled for further 4 months on-site in the Maldives over the next year or two. Preparation of training material and implementation of on the job training in accordance with the training needs assessment for the Ministry of Transport staff, Maritime section. Verification of proposed harbor charges for North Harbour. Conduct willingness to pay services and provide recommendations. Assistance in ensuring broad based stakeholder consultations develop time bound action plan for proposed harbor usage charges. Assist drafting harbor user charges approval documents according to procedures issued by Attorneys general office. Develop a training program for MCPV PWS staff. Implementation of the training program through formal and on the job training. Development of a harbor management manual. 

Marine Management, Navigation & Operation expert – long term consultant for BCEOM, partner in the 5 nation COWI lead consortium in the GFC (Global Framework Contract) for EU / European Commission. Team Leader and on-site 7.5 months in Bucharest, Constantza and the Danube river ports in Romania, for the assignment: EU PHARE Program RO 0107.12.02 - Technical assistance to the General Directorate of Maritime, Danube and Inland Waterway Transport in the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing, for strengthening its administrative capacity.

Navigation & Operation expert – consultant for COWIconsult in the World Bank financed Port Rehabilitation project for Port of Can Tho in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Responsible on-site in Can Tho for the sections:  Channel navigation, shipping, cargo handling, port marketing, port operations and maintenance of port equipment and infrastructure. Dealing with competition from Port of Saigon

Marine Manager – for P&O Maritime Services, Melbourne. In charge of on-site shipping, agency office and cargo transfer operations in Bing Bong, Northern Territory and the anchorages using own 3200 dwt shuttle bulkcarrier “Aburri”. Export cargo transfer to handysize and Panamax bulkcarriers in the Gulf of Carpentaria, transporting 420.000 MT p.a. zinc and lead concentrate from the inland McArthur River Mine.

Port of Melbourne Authority, Australia: Project Manager - operation development in integrated rail, truck and marine terminal projects. Ship/shore cargo transfer projects. Navigation in the Port.

Australian Maritime College - Diploma in Maritime Business: Consultant, wrote the study guide for this long distance program: Port operations - Distribution - Types and Technical constraint of ships.

J. Lauritzen A/S, Denmark: Marine Superintendent - responsible for ship operation policies and procedures, navigation in ships world wide for compliance with international rules and regulations.

Sivomar Abidjan, Ivory Coast: Port Captain and Operational manager for port, marine and cargo operations onboard African manned own and some foreign chartered 15.000 dwt ships.

Expéditions Polaires Françaices: Project Manager Cargo, responsible for transfer of equipment, fuel, and personnel, using barges, motorboats, helicopters and snow cats, to the French Antarctic bases.

Australian Antarctic Research Expeditions: Project Manager Cargo, responsible for ship transfer of equipment and fuel, using amphibians, helicopters and snow cats, to the Australian Antarctic bases.

Beaufort Navigation Inc, Louisiana, USA: Project Manager - responsible for ship operation, cargo handling and trouble shooting in marine matters in the US Gulf Coast, South & Central America.

Beaufort Dominicana de Navigation, The Dominican Republic: Project Manager and responsible for stevedoring, marine & port operations, and trade development in Caribbean Islands, Latin America.

Royal Danish Navy: Lieutenant 1st Grade - Projects in naval control of merchant shipping - search and rescue missions - marine surveillance of foreign warships - fishery control in territorial waters.



Captain Jorgen Berg


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