Middle East & Indian Peninsula


Captain Jørgen Berg

Special fields of Competence:   

  • Port development and infrastructure projects.
  • Intricate river and island cargo transfer projects.
  • Marine transport and cost evaluation projects.
  • Training in maritime and harbour issues

In general:

50 years in port operation, marine transport, navigation and cargo handling: 16 years at sea - thereof 10 years as Senior Officer. 4 years as Cargo Superintendent, 6 years as Marine Superintendent, now 17 years as independent marine consultant with maritime and port assignments world wide, many of them funded by WB, ADB and EU.


Selected experience in Middle East & Indian Peninsula:

Maritime Operations Specialist in the Maldives Domestic Maritime Transport Project with my office in the Ministry of Transport in Male’ on-site for 3 months and scheduled for further 4 months on-site in the Maldives over the next year or two. Preparation of training material and implementation of on the job training in accordance with the training needs assessment for the Ministry of Transport staff, Maritime section. Verification of proposed harbor charges for North Harbour. Conduct willingness to pay services and provide recommendations. Assistance in ensuring broad based stakeholder consultations develop time bound action plan for proposed harbor usage charges. Assist drafting harbor user charges approval documents according to procedures issued by Attorneys general office. Develop a training program for MCPV PWS staff. Implementation of the training program through formal and on the job training. Development of a harbor management manual. 

CES India / Tuticorin Port Trust in Tamil Nadu in India. Consultant - as Port Operator, Feasibility Study in the port infrastructure project for a new 24 berth main-line mega carrier hubport.

Trincomalee Port Authority / Sri Lanka: On-site project manager, negotiated for and supervised the off loading and transfer of large Western Drilling oil exploration platforms from semi-submersible ships.

Binny Limited / Madras / India: On-site project Manager and responsible for the transfer of some oil drilling rigs and exploration material to be used in new East Indian off shore oil and gas fields.

Amin Kawar / Aqaba / Jordan: Cargo Superintendent - supervised the night delivery of wheat from ship to army trucks for further transportation to the Iraqi army during the Iran / Iraq hostilities.

Suez Canal Authority / Egypt: On-site project Manager, negotiated canal transit conditions and payments for semi-submersible ships carrying oversized offshore oil drilling rigs from Europe to India and Sri Lanka.



Captain Jorgen Berg


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